The Steps to Becoming a Contractor

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The following article gives you the steps you need to go through to become a contractor or your own boss in a sort of way. Contracting can take a while to get used to and if you are wanting to take that step then follow this article on how you should become a contractor. Take [...]
Are you new to the contracting work industry? You may be a novice or an expert, but you will agree that the UK Contractor industry is highly competitive and secretive. It seems all information is kept hidden in a chest buried under the ground. Well, you no longer need to flop around on a deck [...]
First you need to understand that IR35 status is based on a number of different factors. Please note that you don’t want to work outside of IR35 otherwise you might be caught by HMRC and receive quite the hefty fine. Therefore, the aim that you would want would be to work within IR35 and show [...]
Are you someone who fancies becoming your own boss? Then you need to become an independent contractor! Contracting is for those who are able to work according to their own time. There are many different benefits when you work as a contractor, but likewise there are risks involved. You can rely on one of the [...]
To learn about loan charge, you have to learn about the history and why the legislation was put in place on the 5th of April 2019. HMRC have dubbed the issues as to why this parliament legislation was released as “Disguised Remuneration Loans” which are more commonly known as tax avoidance arrangements between companies and [...]
If you are running a successful business then having a good accountant is invaluable, especially if you are a limited company or own a few umbrella companies or even if you are a contractor. It’s a wise idea to start the process of choosing an accountant as soon as you launch your business as your [...]
IR35 is a name which is currently one of the most talked about tax rules in the private sector. But before you read about what the ruling is and its affects, let’s first find out – what is IR35? The IR35 tax reform is an increased tax rule by HMRC which directly impacts people who [...]
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