Doctor Umbrella Company: Working as a Contractor in UK Medical Sector

Looking for doctor umbrella company services for starting a career as an independent contractor in the UK medical sector?

Today, we will discuss how you can use recruitment agencies and doctor umbrella company services to find contract work in the United Kingdom’s medical sector such as the NHS or other private medical care service providing companies.

“The big elephant in the room, or in the global room, is of course the COVID-19 global pandemic!

As we have previously covered in our last blog, there is a massive increase in demand for independent contractors in nursing and other medical care professions currently in the UK. This is of course due to the challenges that the novel coronavirus has brought to not just UK but the global healthcare industry.

So, if you are a doctor then you are in massive demand as well while all other sectors are experiencing a massive loss in jobs, income, and other economic crisis.

How To Start As A Independent Contractor In UK If You Are A Doctor

The first step, you may be thinking, is of course deciding how you will find work. But as an independent contractor, the first thing you want to decide is how you want to get paid.

In the United Kingdom there are 2 ways you can work to get paid as a contractor – one is setting yourself up as a limited company and two is working with an umbrella company. more specifically for the purpose of this blog – a doctor umbrella company.

Before you delve into a completely different working style compared to the traditional form of employment, you must identify both and know the difference between them to know which is better or more suitable for you as a doctor working as an independent contractor.

doctor umbrella company

As a beginner, we would highly recommend working with an umbrella company. So, you would find a doctor umbrella company which specialises in dealing independent contract doctors. A good doctor umbrella company will handle all your important paperwork to make sure things like your timesheet, taxes, deductions are all in line for a good contractor pay out.

Now, as you gain more experience working independently, you will be able to set yourself up as a limited company and handle all these things on your own. The advantage of working as a limited company is of course your take home pay will be higher – if done correctly!

But before that, you must find and rely on a reputed doctor umbrella company.

How To Find Work As An Independent Contract Doctor In UK

The simplest and the best way to do it would be by using recruitment agencies. This what they do – put people into work – and this is exactly what you need!

But you can also apply to hospitals and even the NHS for positions directly which are being advertised. You will also need to become very outgoing in terms of networking, making contacts and regularly communicating with your contacts.

You can also benefit from using appropriate social media networking applications or platforms such as LinkedIn.

IR35 Important Facts To Consider
While Looking For A Doctor Umbrella Company In UK

IR35 or Off Payroll Legislation Introduced in April 2000

Scheduled Change: POSTPONED Due to COVID-19 TO APRIL 2021

Learn More: IR35 Reform Postponed!

Benefits Of Using Comparison Contractor For Finding A Reputed Doctor Umbrella Company Service Provider

You can use several umbrella company finders such as “Comparison Contractor”.  We are specialists in finding umbrella company service providers which give you the maximum take home pay. You can use our Take Home Pay Calculator to find out how much more you can take home compared to your current doctor umbrella company service provider.

We are not limited to finding only doctor umbrella company service providers but we will find you reputed umbrella companies and umbrella compare services ranging all sectors. We also make available for you professional IR35 advice and related information about IR35 contracting in the UK.

Final Thoughts On Using A Doctor Umbrella Company

So, our expert opinion for you as a doctor who is considering working as an independent contractor during the COVID-19 pandemic or otherwise is to find yourself a reputed doctor umbrella company service provider.

You can also find independent contract work as a doctor using the services of recruitment agencies.

Of course you are encourage to frequently visit our website to keep yourself up to date with the latest on the IR35 legislation. You will also find other essential information for comparing umbrella companies and your take home pay.

Keep posted for our next blog finding independent contract work as a driver amid the COVID-19 pandemic & using driver umbrella company services.