Driver Umbrella Company: Working As An Independent Contract Driver in UK

Today we will cover the advantages of using a reputed driver umbrella company service for you to take advantage of working as an independent contractor or self-employed driver under the current COVID-19 circumstances in UK.

“The current COVID-19 pandemic has already been the cause of millions of job losses while there is a huge impending economic recession not just in UK – but globally!

There is very faint silver lining at the moment in certain industries which will allow people to pursue opportunities for earning a living wage. While we have already covered the importance of the health sector such as the NHS during this crisis, there are others as well.

So, we will uncover the process of how you can successfully work as an independent delivery driver in your local area, or better yet, benefit from using driver umbrella company services anywhere in UK.

Opportunities For Self-employed Delivery Drivers

Due to the lockdown and social distancing measures in place by the government, there has been a steady rise in online businesses and services – where direct contact is minimal or eliminated.

For example, ecommerce websites are experiencing an increase in orders as more and more shops close down and there is lack of supply in local supermarkets. Even if that is over come, there is a rise in wanting home delivery. Restaurants have closed making the takeaway business the sole option as an alternative to eating out.

So, as you will have recognised the need for delivery drivers is massive at the moment. Whether it is food for takeaways, orders from online stores or shops, or parcels – a delivery driver right now is a highly in-demand role.

How To Start Work As An Independent Delivery Driver In UK

As a beginner you will have to register as a self-employed individual with HMRC if you have been working as a standard employee. You can even find out your current status before you register.

Once you are set to work as a self-employed individual, you can pursue any such role. You can even consider starting a delivery service providing company with a few employees. For any of these things, it is best to find a driver umbrella company which is reputed for such services in UK.

You can use recruitment agencies to find delivery driver jobs and get started. But you will need to be wary of taxes and using a reputed driver umbrella company service provider – you will save yourself a lot of the headache.

Benefits Of Using Comparison Contractor To Find Driver Umbrella Company

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Well, you can simply visit our website and use the expert services of Comparison Contractor.

In addition to this, we will also try to answer any of your concerns regarding umbrella tax services and finding the most reputed umbrella tax solution providers to ensure that all your taxes are done correctly to avoid troubles with HMRC.

Important Facts About IR35 Contracting In UK

IR35 or Off Payroll Legislation Introduced in April 2000

Scheduled Change: POSTPONED Due to COVID-19 TO APRIL 2021

Learn More: IR35 Reform Postponed!

Final Thoughts On Using A Driver Umbrella Company

So, even if you are not a taxi driver or a professional delivery driver, as long as you have a full UK license, you too can pursue work as an independent contractor in UK for meeting the high demands.

You can be delivering medicines to those in quarantine, self-isolation or just those who are vulnerable and unable to pick up their medicines during lockdown. You can be delivering foods, parcels, etc. to these same people an all parts of the United Kingdom.

During the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, loss of jobs is a very real and big concern and at this moment you can see some light at the end of the tunnel using driver umbrella company services. You need to do what you can to not just help the spread of COVID-19 but also do what is needed to have your personal income.

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