Nurse Umbrella Company: How To Get Started As A Nursing Contractor In UK

Looking for a nurse umbrella company?

Today, we will discuss one of the most in demand industries in the UK to work in – the nursing industry. Especially with the global challenge in the form of the COVID-19 or the novel Corona virus pandemic, UK is fighting hard with its NHS and other public service sectors.

Even before the hard-hitting circumstances of the COVID-19 safety measures, lockdown, etc. the rise in contracting work in the UK has been steady so, skilled workers are always on the lookout for IR35 contracting work in their specific industry.

“Now, with the pandemic in full force, the NHS is looking to recruit in mass scales for doctors, nurses and drivers among other roles. While other industries are suffering from lack of work, redundancies and job losses the public health service is on the rise.

As a nurse or care worker, you can look to benefit from the opportunities which are currently becoming available and the best way is to work with a nurse umbrella company.

Why Work In Partnership To A Nurse Umbrella Company

As promised, this is our blog dedicated to who should be using nurse umbrella company services and how you can benefit from using nurse umbrella company services.

First of all, as you will have understood from the name, using nurse umbrella company services is a route which is for those who are in medical care industry such as care home worker, carer, assistance providers, or other medical care professionals.

So, as a care worker you can pursue a career in nursing as contracting work.

male nurse umbrella company contractor in UK

Now, why should you partner up with a reputed nurse umbrella company service provider? Well, simply because they are specialist providers of dealing with this specific contracting work industry in the United Kingdom.

So, you will be best handled by an umbrella company which is experienced and reputed in this particular industry.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is best to use a reputed nurse umbrella company service provider and recruitment agencies. The good news is that there are lots of recruitment agencies which can be considered and with proper research, you will do just fine.

Recruitment agencies are best for putting not just nursing contractors but contract work for various roles efficiently and quickly.

Benefit Of Using Comparison Contractor For Finding A Reputed Nurse Umbrella Company

We “Comparison Contractor” are a specialist umbrella company service provider with lots of professional advice and information about IR35 contracting in the UK and all other related support services for contractors in the UK.

Under the current COVID-19 pandemic circumstances in the UK, we continue to provide our services from the safety of our home offices to present those seeking nurse umbrella company service providers with the best resources for contractor umbrella companies, comparisons, tax related information.

Umbrella Company: Umbrella Compare & Umbrella Tax Services

In addition to this, you will also need to focus on the best nurse umbrella compare services to deal with crucial concerns regarding umbrella tax services and umbrella tax solution providers.

You must ensure that your taxes are done correctly while you pursue job opportunities to make an earning wage under the extremely difficult pandemic lockdown situation which may last from a few weeks to months.

Either way, the economic turmoil or the recession which is impending will be far from tolerable.  

IR35 Important Facts To Know
While Finding A Nurse Umbrella Company In UK

IR35 Legislation Introduced in April 2000 & Reformed in April 2017

Scheduled Change: April 2020 CHANGES POSTPONED TO APRIL 2021

Learn More: IR35 Reform Postponed!

Final Thoughts On Using A Nurse Umbrella Company

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you should be using a reputed nurse umbrella company service provider and benefit from the reliable services of related recruitment agencies for nursing contract work.

You may have to start by registering with various recruitment agencies but it is best to find contract work quickly and especially by using a specialised agency for nursing work. While this is usually difficult for beginners, under the current situation it is likely to be less of a hassle.

Visit our website and learn all about the latest updates and news on IR35 legislation. You will also find valuable information to compare umbrella companies.

We will follow up this blog with those who are looking for doctor umbrella company service providers and contracting work using driver umbrella company services.