What you need to know if you are new to contractor umbrella

If you are new to contracting then you might want to stick around to read further on our article titled “What you need to know if you are new to contractor umbrella” as we are going to inform you and quite possibly teach everything you need to know about contractor umbrella. Here at Comparison Contractor we are known as your number one stop for everything contractor related. And we are going to keep it that way, so read on and enjoy this bountiful amount of information.

A little bit about contracting

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Although you might have just come from a secure job in whatever industry you have been in for 10+ years. You can use those years of experience to your advantage when you are a working for contractor umbrella companies. However, it is important to know that you must find a contract that will reward you well enough that it won’t be affected by your income.

There is a lot to cover within contractor umbrella that we will separate into several sections to make sure that the reader can find what they are looking for.

How to start out as a contractor

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The best way to start out with this is to create a CV that is structured around yourself and what you do or did previous and how much experience you possess within that field of expertise. Fortunately, there is a growing demand for contractors and other highly skilled experts so you will always be getting yourself busy with contractor umbrella.

The next decision you should think about making is whether or not you should implement your CV on as many job boards as possible, as this will increase your chances of getting noticed out there in the working world. However, it is incredibly important that you put yourself into the correct category.

Secondly, if you wish to really get yourself out their then contractor forums are good or just call around the various different contractor umbrella companies and see what they can do for you. You are more likely to get similar answers but there might be a few out there that could provide you with a better alternative.

A third way to get yourself known is to update all of your social media channels to be more business orientated. LinkedIn is a great for doing just this and you can connect with employers, managers and business orientated people in general. Also make sure your LinkedIn is up to date with all of your qualifications and job experience as this can be a real benefit to you finding your first contractor umbrella dream job.

Finally, here is the boring bit. You need to have your finances in order to pursue a contractor umbrella career and we will tell you why within the next paragraph!

The two options you have before you start your contractor career

You have a choice between going with a contractor umbrella company or setting up your own limited company. Here is a brief explanation of both as well as some benefits and disadvantages of both.

The limited company option

A limited company is similar to a separate legal entity which you would conduct all of your business affairs as the directory of the company. This makes the company you have created separate to you which then has its own bank account and assets. You can read everything you need to about limited companies through our article on this topic https://comparisoncontractor.com/the-choice-between-contractor-umbrella-or-a-limited-company/

The contractor umbrella option

The option that we would like to offer you here at Comparison Contractor is the contractor umbrella option that you have. A contractor umbrella company acts more like an employer for contractors to work on assignments and contracts, the duration depends on each individual contract of course. As previously mentioned, we have a huge article that you can really get stuck into which is linked above.

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The standalone option

The third option that you have is to create you start as a freelancer but just go through your own contacts in the world. Here you will have the ability to take on contracts and run your own contracting business, which would be yourself. Because of this you will have a special kind of tax which you pay a minimal amount too every month which is a great benefit. However, there is a lot more paperwork involved in this and can become quite tiresome after a while if you don’t see yourself making much profit.

Choose Comparison Contractor as your contractor umbrella option

If you have decided to go with the easier task of choosing yourself a contractor umbrella company then Comparison Contractor is the perfect option for you. We have helped hundreds if not thousands of contractors find perfect contracts that fit their requirements. So, why not let us help you out by simply filing in one of the many forms across our website, after that we will get back to you as soon as we can.